At Sunder Designer Studio we try to commemorate the craft of traditional tailoring of menswear through the bespoke process while providing you with affordable luxury with a unique and unequaled service.

Process start

The bespoke process is a transformational experience, where each suit is hand cut and then sewn together in according with our high quality designer mens suits, while focusing on your natural fit.

The modern man deserves a custom tailored suit that fits his body type perfectly. On an appointment basis the client will meet with the experts where they get different variety of designs, fabrics and detailing options, to choose from as per the occasion to get the best bespoke mens suits.


After the selection of designs , fabrics the client’s measurements are taken.We keep a record of all our client’s measurements.


After measurment As per the client’s instrustions, our masters will start to create custom patterns from scratch.

Fitting Test

We sincerely want you to be fully satisfied with the fit of your made-to-measure garments.All required alterations are noted and changes are made for the final trial.

Final Trial / Delivery

On the Final Stage the client will get to see the ready suit or garment after alterations, to make sure that the suit or garment is up to their expectations in terms of fit and the overall look.
Sunder Designer Studio proudly brings you the ultimate experience in confidence, comfort and peace of mind.